Scotland Bed and Breakfasts

Scotland is renowned the world over for its cultural contributions. While the hills and glens, and the whisky and golf immediately identify the country, Scotland also has deep and richly observed ideals in the hearts of its people.

A warm welcome is guaranteed from all forms of accommodation and especially from the Scotland Bed and Breakfasts you may come across in every town and village.

A land of innovation and invention, of economics and philosophy, of enlightenment and arts, Scotland is a country and nation proud of its past, comfortable with the present and confident of the future.

This is what makes Scotland such an important and popular destination for visitors, not just for the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the landscape but also in the thriving and vibrant lowland centres between its two main cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In both urban and rural areas, well established Scotland bed and breakfast accommodation places visitors at the centre of the country's attractions.

Scotland is the least populated country in Europe and it is the huge areas of unspoilt land which form an obvious and immediate attraction for visitors. With the highest mountain in the UK, and many more besides, skiing, mountaineering, hill climbing and hiking are major pastimes. Combine this with an extensive range of outdoor pursuits such as fishing, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, to barely scratch the surface of the scope of outdoor activities available.

Scotland Bed and Breakfasts are the favoured method of accommodation for many outdoor enthusiasts because of the comfortable accommodation, good local knowledge and hearty breakfasts, designed to fuel daily outdoor activities.

The history of this country is played out all over its landscape, from ancient Pictish carvings to the numerous castles, battlefields, and monuments which tell of bygone battles and a rich cultural heritage in the shaping of contemporary Scotland. Scotland Bed and Breakfasts are the first point of contact for any information on local sites worth a visit.

Although the rigorous outdoor activities and sports are popular in Scotland, a great way to take in the best of the scenery is simply by enjoying a round or two of golf. In Scotland you are never far from a good golf course and in the Old Course at St. Andrews Scotland can rightly claim to be the world home of golf.

The array of wonderful natural environments of Scotland, from the long and dramatic coastlines to lush rolling hills, lend themselves well for some scenic holiday golf but they also host many attractive and historic towns. Whisky tours are an excellent way to experience some of the towns with the added benefit of enjoying a tipple of Scotland's national drink.

Outdoor sights and activities are most associated with the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Island hopping tours, by ferry, are a popular way to make the most of available time spent in the country. The west coast of Scotland and Grampian region boast the most dramatic coastlines and mountains, and Perthshire and Speyside offer more open rolling hills and greenery, ideal for walking holidays. For city breaks and to experience a whole different side of Scottish culture, the Lowlands and Central Belt is the place to be.

From Glasgow in the west to Edinburgh in the east, lies the bulk of Scotland's population, commerce and industry. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is renowned for its nightlife, shopping, parks, and friendly service culture. Edinburgh, on the other hand, relies on the stunning architecture, its famous castle, and cosmopolitan culture, indicative of its status as the nation's capital. Edinburgh is also home to the International Festival of the Arts.

Scotland bed and breakfasts are found right in the heart of these city centres and outwards to encompass all the most popular areas of the cities. As a major world tourist and visitor destination, Scotland is well experienced in offering a full range of accommodation options for visitors. Luxury hotels, traditional country inns, camping sites and holiday cottages all have there appeal but it is the Scotland bed and breakfast options which most define Scottish hospitality.

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